I am a practicing Obstetrician in Orange County and have worked with a number of Doulas over the years. I recommend Doulas to my patients because they provide so much extra care and assistance throughout the pregnancy and postpartum period. Especially in the hospital where nurses are so busy, they can’t give one to one care like a Doula can.

I have worked with Jessie a number of times and feel that she exemplifies the Doula that I enjoy working with. She is warm, compassionate, and helps create the team approach. She works well with the hospital staff. She has been extremely helpful reassuring my patients when things didn’t go as planned.

She is also a Hypnobirth educator which I have found to be an excellent method if a Mother-to-be prefers a non-medicated, less intervention birth.
— Dr. Jeffrey Illeck

It’s hard to put in words how much we loved having Jessie as a part of our home birth! Jessie brought a calm and peaceful presence that always left me feeling confident and secure. Through out our apts to the day of, Jessie felt like one of my life long friends. I can still hear her chorus of encouragements and affirmations as I was pushing my son into this world.
— Kaytie

We love Jessica! She assisted my midwife for the birth of my second baby.
She was always so warm and friendly and helped with any questions or concerns we had.
I always looked forward to my appointments with them. It was like hanging out with my close girlfriends.
She was extremely helpful the day of my sons birth. She was always right there to help me with anything I needed. I would highly recommend her services to anyone. She’s the best!
— L.K.

After the first 15 mins sitting down to talk to Jessie, we knew we had hit the jackpot. Her knowledge of birth and her experience as a birth worker is so impressive. My husband and I felt completely supported by Jessie throughout the entire birth process. She was instrumental in cultivating an incredibly empowering experience for myself and my partner. I honestly cannot thank her enough for what she did during our labor and delivery. She was with us for such a long time as I labored for quite a while, and literally was holding up all my weight at certain points so I could try pushing in different positions to find what worked best for me. She is AMAZING. You deserve it to yourself to check out Feather and Fawn!
— Amy

Jessie was our birth doula for my second daughter. I had a medical induction at 39 weeks and Jessie helped make my birth experience fantastic despite interventions. Our daughter was welcomed with joy and ease and Jessie’s expertise and comforting touch we’re just what I needed to get through the contractions. I was able to move freely throughout the labor and delivery ward and also able to labor in the shower without having to be hooked up to the monitor constantly. Jessie was also able to connect me to some other wonderful prenatal care providers i.e a pelvic floor therapist and an amazing masseuse who specialized in Ayurveda. I am so thankful for Jessie and any moms and babies who work with her in the future are truly lucky indeed!
— Lauren

Jessie is the best! I really don’t think I could have gone through with the natural birth that I had planned if it weren’t for Jessie being by my side as my doula. She is extremely knowledgable about pregnancy and labor. She’s warm and made me feel at ease. She knew exactly what to do in every situation we entered throughout my birthing time as well as after. She provided the guidance and comfort that i needed to bring my baby boy into this world naturally. I would recommend her to friends, family and anyone looking for birth support.
— Amie P

I used Jess for my placenta encapsulation. I called way past my due date concerned that I wouldn’t be able to preserve it if I was pumped with induction meds. She referred me to multiple specialists (chiro, acupuncture, etc) to get the ball rolling. Little did I know Jess would be who I turned to for ALL my fears, challenges as a new mom, and affirmations needed! Hoping for a natural hospital birth and at 42 weeks, Jess reminded me of the power of my voice and that there was no wrong way for our first child to join our family. She came to our home shortly after we returned with our boy and sat with me as I battled breastfeeding pain, offering her knowledge and encouragement that got me through. My son and I attended many of her support groups, each time leaving rejuvenated and confident with lots of great suggestions. Look no further, Jess is someone you MUST have on your team, rooting for you in any which way you see fit. You will quickly see upon meeting her that her energy is contagious and her heart is committed to you, not just as a client but as a friend.
— Cassidy

You know when you meet someone and you instantly want to be their friend and you just super hope it can happen? Well that’s how I felt about Jessie the first time I met her almost 3 years ago. Lucky for me we not only became friends, but together we got to accomplish my goal of having a VBAC with my second baby, WHILE she was my doula! Through Jessie’s birth story with her first born I knew that she was the perfect support role for my journey second time around. Her dreams of giving me a birth experience that every women deserves was both beautiful and personal and you could see that she wanted me to truly have that experience. Jessie not only helped me prepare for what I needed to do mentally and physically to accomplish an intervention free VBAC, but she emotionally prepared me for what to expect and how to get through beginning and active labor.

Jessie’s patience and encouraging words helped me get through 4 full days of prodromal labor at home! She supported me through her physically coming over to talk me through the contractions, helping me breath deeply and always pushing the intense pressure away, she was my angel through it all. Through her texts, phone calls, and visits throughout the 4 full days of prodromal labor we made it to active labor on the 5th day starting at home and knew it was time to go to the hospital. Her support helped me to remain patient and to trust my body. I realized sometimes labor is a lot longer than we had hoped for but the end result is so beautiful and so worth it.

Her support in the hospital was unwavering, her encouraging words of breathing the pressure away, relaxing my face, the soothing aroma oils, the warm towels on my back...she was my angel, she was everything I needed to accomplish such an empowering labor. There were times when the next contraction would come and when I didn’t think I could possibly go through one more, she would be right there helping me to get through it, and whenever I would feel as if I would begin to scream and there would be no turning back, she would remind me to relax my face and that I was strong, I was going to get through this.

Jessie was the doula every woman needs to accomplish the birth story they want. She will be your support through whatever your idea of an empowering birth is, and she was mine, my support through an unmedicated VBAC. If you’re questioning whether or not you want or need a doula, I encourage you to choose to have one, and I particularly recommend Jessie, she will support you and help you through your pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum. She cares so deeply and it shows through her passion and her story. I am forever thankful for her, and my healthy baby boy.
— Amanda