Our private in home classes will leave you feeling informed, excited and ready to in your new role as parent. Jessie absolutely loves teaching families one on one and tailors her classes to the unique needs of each parent.  


Birth Plan 101 

1 1/2 hour class

This classes narrows in on all of the options available to you and your baby during pregnancy, birth and immediate postpartum. We'll cover routine procedures, interventions and policies. We discuss how to find evidence based information and being a active member of your care. In this class we create a document to open dialogue with your OB-GYN or Midwife. 


Comort Measures + labor prep 

3 hour class 

In this class we talk about all of the incredible ways to provide natural hands on support during labor! We practice breathing methods, aromatherapy, hot + cold therapy, music, rebozo, massage and touch, labor positions, nourishment, vocalization, affirmations and more! We chat about the basics of what to expect when you arrive and I share my tips for creating a positive and memorable birth experience.  


Postpartum Preparation 

3 hour class

In this class we cover the basics of those first few weeks after birth. We'll chat about what to expect physically and emotionally so that you feel prepared. Self care, recovery, rest, hormones, bonding and balance are all topics of conversation in this unique and customized class.  We delve into a postpartum plan so you are aware of all of your options and suggestions for an optimal postpartum experience.