Placenta Preparation Services

Our bodies are amazing and during pregnancy, the incredible Placenta is grown. Preparation and consumption of the placenta after birth provides mothers with beneficial hormones and vitamins to support a positive postpartum experience. Placentas have been shown to give a mood boost, balance hormones and increase milk supply in new moms.


JEssie provides preparation in a variety of beneficial forms:

  • Capsules - raw and heated
  • Smoothies  
  • Tinctures 
  • Salves 

Highest Standards of Care:

All placentas are prepared by Jessie adhering to all food handlers and blood born pathogen specifications including an immaculate workspace and the utmost attention to detail. Unlike many other specialists, she has a designated area facility specifically for placenta encapsulation to prevent any cross-contamination. She is committed to helping support mothers during the fourth trimester by providing expert preparation of their placenta.