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Breastfeeding Class

  • In One Breath Center 17621 Irvine Boulevard Tustin, CA, 92780 United States (map)

We've all heard the stories about how "easy" or how "hard" breastfeeding can be. Breastfeeding is both a learned and natural act, taking time to master with many joys and challenges along the way. Get the information to make informed choices as you enter the world of breastfeeding and feeding your newborn(s). 

In this 3 hour course, we explore the art and science of breastfeeding to demystify the breastfeeding experience, learn how to initiate breastfeeding with your newborn(s) and where to get help when challenges arise.

You will learn about: 
Benefits of breastfeeding
Anatomy and physiology of breastfeeding
Initiating breastfeeding
Stages of breastfeeding and milk production
Breastfeeding positions and good latch
How frequently to feed your baby
Baby hunger cues
Skin-to-skin contact, kangaroo care, and bonding with your baby
Preparing your breastfeeding "tool bag" 
Nutrition for breastfeeding
Breast pumps and bottle feedings
Problem-solving challenges
Breastfeeding interventions and newborn feeding options
Going back to work and lactation
Community resources

Partners will learn how to support the breastfeeding parent and child. This class is designed to inform and empower the parent in a non-judgemental environment using evidence-based practices.

Both parents are strongly encouraged to attend. 
Cost for 1 spot: $45. 1 spot is good for single or couple. 


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