Breastfeeding Support Services

Jessie provides Breastfeeding Support for new mothers. She is passionate about offering unconditional support as women navigate their unique breastfeeding relationship with their baby.  Trained as a Certified Lactation Educator and Counselor from UCSD, Jessie has extensive experience helping you get off to the best start and troubleshooting when nursing gets difficult. 

 Monthly Prenatal Breastfeeding 101 Class 

Begin your breastfeeding relationship with a toolbox full of evidence based research, encouragement and education. We will teach about proper latch and positioning, feeding frequency and duration, the first golden hour after birth, common concerns, establishing a supply, pumping and storing milk and how to tell if baby is getting enough. We will make a breastfeeding plan together and helpful resources will be provided to get you and your baby off to the right start. Informative videos and demonstration dolls will be used. Both parents are strongly encouraged to attend. 
Cost for 1 spot: $45. 1 spot is good for single or couple. 

Home or skype Consultation with Baby {60-90 minutes}

Jessie provides assistance with:

  • latching issues
  • comfortable position suggestions
  • recognizing hunger cues
  • establish healthy milk supply
  • returning back to work or school
  • sore nipples or discomfort
  • engorgement
  • explain normal newborn nursing patterns
  • pumping and storage

What your visit looks like:

  • I will observe a feeding session
  • assess latch and position and suck
  • provide suggestions for better comfort and efficiency
  • answer your questions
  • customized plan of care
  • referral to IBCLC if medically necessary
  • follow up call within 48 hours
  • provide handouts, resources, and referrals